Pictoplasma Character Encylopedia now on sale featuring some of my illustrations.

Added Virgin & Blood Couple to the illustration section.

Some of my work has been featured in some Future Publishing magazines for the past 4 months, look out for me in Computer Arts and Edge.

New website launched, more streamlined with a vertical format and several bits of new work.

Quick update in the Motion section: I've added a few stills taken from a series of 9 animated tv adverts created for Siemens / BenQ mobile phones.

I've just completed a new website for TV comedian Marc Wootton, you can find some of the original collages created for it in the Illustration section, and the site itself in my neglected Design section.

Added Heroes to the illustration section. The animated versions of these characters have been in my showreel for some time.

I've added the full Legends film to the Motion section, scroll right to see it.

Added Mutant Pepper Cowboy & Suspend to the illustration section.

New mini-site is up to promote "Legends", giving a bit of background info on the production, plus some wallpapers etc. View it HERE.

Added Spy-Gran to the illustration section.

I've just given an animated interview to the new ICA/Sony PSP show, find out more in the Motion section.

An overview of my next animated short is now in the motion section. The film is called Legends and will get its world premiere at this years OneDotZero festival at the start of June.

Added "Rambushed" to the illustration section.

A very quick short I made for fun is currently featured on the BBC website. Also added a couple of new images to the illustration section.

Added my latest showreel to the motion section, contact me for more details / professional enquires.

Several new pieces of work added, including Rubber Fist to the Motion section, The Movies game to Design. Plus the whole site has been redesigned to be extra shiny now.

Website for RagDollKungFu has launched. I put together this site for one of the best indie pc games you'll play this year. A free demo of the game is now available from from the site (PC only)

Free PDF of my 2005 christmas card is available to download from here.

Added some new work, Pillpop in the Illustration section, and a preview of Mon Cherie in the Motion section. Mon Cherie is available to buy on DVD from IAmStatic.

Make your own Rexbox Robot! I've designed a paper toy for ReadyMech, which you can print-out and build.

I'm name-checked in a couple magazines this month, namely Graphik Magazine & ModArt.

I've just taken part in Doodledown - a live drawing event with Jon Burgerman and the lovely people at peepshow. Artwork will be displayed at Orchard Street Art Gallery, New York, and at an, as yet, undecided London location. More info.