You've already been introduced to  Violence  by Chad Montreux but are you ready to meet another set of modern Legends...

Chad Montreux
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Midas Town is just one date on a major tour by upcoming band Jason & The Argonauts. But unlike the residents of Hicksville, Moonshine or Hogwash, these locals aren't so welcoming and don't take kindly to the bands attempt to promote their next tour date with random fly-posting and death-metal serenading.

Chad Montreux

The gas station operatives wait, pumps in hand, in case someone passes through the town this week.


Sticking up gig posters may not usually cause too much commotion, but when it's done on the trespassed property of rednecks, gorgons, minotaurs and demi-gods all operating on a hair-trigger then something is bound to kick off. Jason & The Argonauts are unlikely to be fulfilling any of their further tour commitments....

Tour Poster

This is what bands used to stick on walls
before Myspace.


A rare copy of The Argonauts début pressing Goddamn Fleece
featuring the breakthrough lament Catching Harpies.

Cover features (Clockwise from top left):
Gator McCroy, Jason X, Duke Benjamin & Cletus Stanton



Legends premieres at  OneDotZero  10, the leading moving-image film festival. Screenings will take place in The ICA, London before a worldwide tour.

ICA Screenings:

sunday 04 Jun 20:30 ica
tuesday 06 Jun 18:30 ica
thursday 08 Jun 17:00 ica
saturday 10 Jun 18:30 ica

Check back for non-uk dates.

"the most crucial, groundbreaking festival of the early 21st century" [guardian film unlimited]

Argonauts drummer Duke Benjamin
shows off his pummelling technique

Promotional Junk

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Legends is a  Rexbox  Production.

Directed & animated by  Rex Crowle 
Sound -  John Silke 
Music -  Earl Shilton

Thanks to: Wendy, John, Alexander, Ben / FWIS, All the Robotfacers, Josh, Claire & everyone else at OneDotZero, the Media Molecule crew, and all the people that have emailed me.

Legends will return.


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