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EpicWin is an animated and visually detailed application, that gives your simple tasklist an atmosphere and humour like never before.
Visual things for you to look at. Videos, screenshots and wallpapers.

Pre-Release Trailer:
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Add your tasks using the fully-featured to-do list, assign them to a date, or just note them down for "someday"



Choose an avatar to represent you in the world of EpicWin, and watch as they develop with you.



Complete your chores and your character will improve and level-up!



Overdue tasks are shown on opening the app. Repeating tasks are also supported, to help you through the daily grind!



Choose what skill each of your chores are, so you develop in those key abilities.



Rewards come, not just from leveling-up, you also discover loot that you can share with your friends.



Each completed task moves you through the game-map, clearly showing when your next reward will arrive.



Build up your collection of loot, fill in the gaps in you progress and share via Facebook & Twitter.



Motivational Computer Desktop!


EPICWIN - Level Up Your Life.

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A playful productivity app

by Rexbox & SuperMono