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Make being organised as much fun as gaming with EpicWin the to-do list app with an RPG setting.

Available now in the iTunes AppStore


Version1.3 is now out in the AppStore this adds online backing-up of your profile, and fixes the repeated task bug.


Version 1.2, already released features:

1) Epic Sound!
Background music, more spot effects and dramatic fight music when you battle your chores. But when you're in a meeting and need it to be less epic, you can also turn it off!

2) History Page!
In update 1.2 once you "beat" a quest it's moved to your history page, which keeps a record of everything you've ever done. If you want to do a quest again you simply move it back into your active quest list.

3) Retina Display!
For those of you with an iPhone4 and its Enchanted Lens Of Increased Clarity (x2) the whole interface is reworked at twice the resolution.

3) Gold!
As well as getting XP for doing your tasks, soon you'll get gold as well!


Our lives are full of quests. Remember that birthday card, send that email, or drag ourselves to the gym on a regular basis.

Trouble is, sometimes we’re having too much fun doing other virtual stuff like hunting down rare items in World of Warcraft or leveling-up in Facebook games, to remember the stuff we’re supposed to be doing.

EpicWin is an iPhone app that puts the adventure back into your life. It’s a streamlined to-do list, to note down all your everday tasks, but with a role-playing spin.

Rather than just mentally ticking off your chores, completing each one improves and develops your character in an on-going quest to level-up, gain riches, and develop skills.


By getting points for your chores it's easier to actually get things done. We all have good intentions but we need a bit of encouragement here and there. Doing the laundry is an epic feat of stamina so why not get stamina points for it?!

Watch as your avatars stats develop in ways to represent your own life. Will you be a Maiden of Juggled Priorities, or a King of Win? The lifestyle you lead will decide.


Each completed task from
your to-do list moves you
forward on the quest map.

Every location uncovers
more new rare items - from A Helm of Questionable Appeal
to A Horn of Raving.

And each new item you
collect can be shared with
your friends on Facebook
or Twitter




EPICWIN - Level Up Your Life.

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A playful productivity app

by Rexbox & SuperMono