Art in Industry
2-12th September 2009

@the Shunt Lounge London Bridge

Art is all around us and is especially prolific in the products we consume. Art in Industry celebrates the unsung hereos that make those products.

Dedicated to showcasing the art and personal projects of members of the creative industries the lastest show is here.

Over twenty five artists over two weeks display their work mixing painting, digitial prints, illustration, live painting, workshop, films and interactive installation.

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Art in industry is always looking for new talent and fresh work to exhibit. If you are interested in getting involved please get in touch. For more detail please hit the email address below .

Lots of love Art in INdustry team.


Event photos:

Marc Davies  jaypeg  rexbox  Adonis Stevenson

Cristina Guitian


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Photos by Lina Kouznetsova

June 2008

Deep below London Bridge Station at The SHUNT Lounge, ART in INdustry was held.

Professionals in the creative media industries and the Shunt Collective collaborated to make a unique event. Art is all around us; it is part of the media we digest every day. Someone somewhere has put their creative focus in to what you see, hear and touch.For 4 nights we celebrated these people.

The event showcased the work of more than 40 Artists from the Video Game, Film, TV, Graphic Design and Advertising Industries.

The collection displayed a wide range of media with only one connecting concept: the work had to be created for the sake of art and could not be a commissioned piece.

Packing the vaults to capacity for all 4 nights, ART in INdustry excited and stimulated the crowds. It gave to them; Painting; Drawing; Digital Art; Sculpture; Photography; Installations; Live action, CGI and Stop Motion Film; Body Art; Live performances; Poetry; Murals; Music; Procedural images, sounds & an army of Sock Monsters.

have included staff from the following companies: